Hello and welcome to Wyoming Jewelry Arts.  I thank you for stopping by and I thank Google for making these Web pages available.  My name is Bob Bratton and I am the sole owner/operator of this small start up company based in Cody, Wyoming.  You will notice inferences throughout the site to we and our as if there were a number of individuals involved. The "we" and "our" refers to those individuals close to heart, Maggie the Border Collie, as well as fellow lapidaries, geologists, prospectors, mineralogists, archeologists,  paleontologists and good friends who have provided input and guidance along the way.
        By trade, I am an electronic engineer and after 30 years of Federal Service I decided to follow my long time dream of returning to my home State of Wyoming.   It was my hope that once returned,  I would be free to explore and play in the 18.4 million acres of  Public Lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management as well as the numerous National Forests and National Parks which help to comprise Wyoming.  Access to most of these lands is free and welcomed!  Anyway, I have followed and continue to follow my dream, I've been very fortunate!  Along the way, I have become a reasonably good lapidary, enjoying  the associative arts of faceting,  gold and silversmithing, slabbing and cabbing, rock polishing, tumbling, and of course creative jewelry design and fabrication.  The field trip experiences have been numerous with collecting hundreds and hundreds of pounds of some of the prettiest stone you could ever find.  Natural minerals and fossils witnessed in situ have boggled my mind.  Mineral and rock collecting is a disease and along the way you realize the chase, as well as what you bring home, makes the experience so rewarding and addicting.   You find that spreading begins and you experience collecting adventures in other Western States.   And, as the piles get higher and the containers get fuller, you realize it's  time to share your treasures with others.  Wyoming Jewelry Arts is conceived; not as a money making business but a  venture to share with others some of the most prized minerals and gemstones in the world.   The idea becomes not only sharing beautiful rocks and minerals but sharing them with a story.

                                Thank you for stopping by,
  Bob Bratton

Wyoming Jewelry Arts accepts and welcomes  individual requests to fabricate one of a kind jewelry items.  Although commissioned jewelry can be very expensive, it can produce extraordinary one of kind show pieces.  The faceted Wyoming snowflake jade bracelet below is an example of commissioned jewelry.
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Quality - Every effort has been made to insure our jewelry items meet high quality standards.  We do not cast our own finding but instead rely on vendors for our supply.  It is a rare event when a defective finding item makes it past our inspection process.

Returns - Within the first six (6) weeks after purchasing, we will replace or provide a monetary refund for any of our products which are deemed defective.  If, for any reason, within the first week of receipt, you are not totally satisfied with our product, we will refund the sales amount and first shipping charge.  You must notify us within this first week of your intent to return the product.  Your refund will be made subsequent to our receipt of any undamaged ordered items. 

Shipping - We have found it easiest to apply a flat rate shipping charge to all jewelry orders.  The charge is $4.95 which is the amount the United States Post Office charges us for the small priority mail boxes (video cassette) we use.   There is no handling charge.

Ring Sizing - At this time we are not set up to accept requests for ring sizing.  For strength and stability, many of our rings are back set with jeweler's setting compound.  This compound is plastic based and cannot withstand the temperatures required for silver soldering.